A robust incident reporting portal “iSafe” is implemented across manufacturing plants. On the occurrence of any incident, an investigation team is formed at the manufacturing plant to identify probable causes using tools like 5-Why, fishbone diagram, etc. On the basis of the investigation reports, probable causes and CAPA are identified. The investigation report, probable causes and CAPA are discussed at various levels in the Company. Findings of the investigations are shared across the plants. Incidents along with CAPA are reported to the Board of Directors of the Company on a quarterly basis. Our performance against key indicators of Total Reportable Incident Severity Rate and Total Reportable Incident Frequency Rate is given below:

1. The reporting period for safety-related indicators has been changed to Financial Year from this year, making it consistent with other ESG indicators. The data shared here is for Financial Year.

2. The above table includes data from our decorative and non-decorative business units and includes contractor data. It indicates the performance of units which are in addition to the units under the Independent Assurance Statement.

3. The Safety Performance for Decorative Business Unit: Total Reportable Incident Frequency Rate – 0.57, Total Reportable Incident Severity Rate – 15.55, Man-Days Lost – 356, No. of Accidents, – 13, Total Man-Hours Worked – 22,893,208.

4. The Safety Performance including AP Global - Total Reportable Incident Frequency Rate – 1.4, Total Reportable Incident Severity Rate - 95.1.

We have implemented a comprehensive range of occupational safety initiatives across our operations to prioritise the safety of our employees. These initiatives encompass identifying and safeguarding moving equipment parts, evaluating manvehicle interaction in plant areas, and establishing guidelines for monitoring the Total Recordable Incident Frequency Rate (TRFR) and Total Severity Rate (TSR). By closely monitoring these safety performance indicators, we ensure a safe working environment and strive for continuous improvement.

We have implemented Behavioural Based Safety (BBS) initiatives, a contractor passport system, and Process Safety Management (PSM) initiatives to enhance workforce competency and ensure process safety. PSM initiatives taken up this year includes setting detailed safety standards for areas like contractor management, risk assessment, work equipment, and hazardous substance control. Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) implementation, and an online reporting system further strengthen safety practices.