Blood donation camps

At Asian Paints, we encourage our employees to participate in blood donation camps, which are organised in collaboration with local hospitals and blood banks. Through these initiatives, we aim to create awareness about the importance of regular blood donation and ultimately helping in saving lives. During FY 2022-23, we spearheaded an initiative by hosting Blood Donation drives at 4 offices in Mumbai including our Head Office as well as at our manufacturing plants viz. Khandala, Kasna, Patancheru, Visakhapatnam and Mysuru. All these events were meticulously planned and promoted. Many employees contributed to this noble cause and did their bit towards society. The astounding effort and cooperation from the medical teams, organisers, CSR SPOCs at plant locations and the participants made this campaign an enormous success.


Employee Volunteering at Khandala:

For any project, stakeholder’s (community) alignment is important. A Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) programme provides a platform for the community to discuss and share their urgent needs with the Khandala plant team. The approach aims to incorporate the knowledge and perspectives of rural people in the planning and management of development programmes that are being implemented for the benefit of the community itself.

A team of 16 employees participated alongside the community, in the PRA program at the 3 villages - Ghadagewadi, Karnawadi & Atit in September 2022. Employees used tools like Social Mapping, Natural Resources Mapping, Seasonal Calendar, and Chapati Diagram in the PRA program. This program was successful in involving and engaging the rural communities along with our employees.

In yet another initiative under the Integrated Watershed Management (IWSM), a team of 6 employees contributed their time and effort in the construction of Gully Plugs in Atit village, Khandala in August 2022. Gully Plugs are small check dams built to prevent soil erosion when there is water run-off down the slopes due to heavy rain. The employees participated in the Gram Sabha followed by the Gully Plug inauguration ceremony. The volunteers built the structures that would prevent soil erosion and, help prevent the accumulation of silt in the percolation tanks and ponds. The activity was done in coordination with our NGO partner Vanarai and had participation from the villagers and the Sarpanch of the village. Thus, both the activities were instrumental in getting the involvement of the locals, who would be the direct beneficiaries of the Company’s CSR interventions under the IWSM project.