At Asian Paints Limited, our unwavering commitment lies in eradicating harmful ingredients from our products and safeguarding the well-being of our customers, employees, and the environment. We adhere to a stringent process that involves meticulous testing, substituting hazardous substances with safer alternatives, and complying with applicable regulations and standards.

To ensure the highest standards of safety, we have established a robust system and screening protocols for introducing raw materials, seamlessly integrated into an advanced IT platform. Each raw material introduction is treated as a distinct project, subject to multiple stage gates and clear accountabilities. The stage-gate mechanism acts as a formidable barrier, preventing the inclusion of any hazardous or harmful ingredients.

Since 2008, all our architectural paints have been crafted to be free from lead and added heavy metals. While our formulations have never included heavy metals, our commitment extends further. We meticulously assess the heavy metal content in raw materials and take deliberate measures to eliminate any traces, ensuring our architectural products are completely devoid of heavy metals.

We are committed to reducing/eliminating existing raw materials which are classified as CMR, through the development of alternates. One major initiative in this direction is our proposed investment in setting up a Vinyl Acetate Monomer and Vinyl Acetate Ethylene emulsion manufacturing.