At Asian Paints, we consider third-party certifications as an important tool in providing assurance to our customers and other stakeholders that our products meet rigorous environmental standards. Our products range is covered under types of environment certification such as the Green Seal, APL’s Green Assure and CII GreenPro.

Our certified products undergo a rigorous evaluation process, which includes product and packaging testing, verification, and review of our manufacturing processes and supply chain. Further, we are constantly changing and improving our paint formulations to offer low-VOC paints that ensure health and environmental benefits while providing higher performance levels.

Our efforts to produce low VOC paints are recognised by Green Seal and APL’s Green Assure certification standards wherein VOC is one of the important compliance criteria. There are 3 products certified by US Green Seal amongst our 30 products under APL’s Green Assure. Further, our 203 products are covered under GreenPro certification by CII-IGBC including 16 additions during the reporting year. The product categories covered are distemper, primer, putty, enamel, interior and exterior water-based paint, wood finishes, and waterproofing range