D. Biodiversity

While none of our manufacturing locations is situated in or adjacent to any protected area, we are cognisant of the impact of our activities on the local biodiversity and take proactive steps to minimise any negative effects.

We comply with legal criteria for green belt development and take measures to increase local biodiversity, such as growing native plant species within our facilities, avoiding clearing existing forests, and protecting wildlife. Our long-term objective is to enhance the site’s biodiversity value and, whenever possible, work with locals outside the premises.

We have prioritised the conservation and nurturing of biodiversity in and around our operational areas for several years. Our approach begins with conducting a thorough baseline study, followed by the development of a comprehensive natural action plan. In a phased manner, we implement interventions aligned with the plan.

Notably, our Sriperumbudur plant initiated a systematic approach to flora and fauna management within its premises, achieving remarkable progress year after year. Similar efforts have positively impacted local biodiversity at our Mysuru, Vizag, Khandala, and Rohtak plants, as well as our R&T Center in Turbhe. Additionally, at our Kasna plant, we have taken on the responsibility of community land to enhance the green cover, exemplifying our commitment to preserving and enhancing the natural world.

Highlights of some of the initiatives are provided below: