Asian Paints Colour Academy empowers communities with specialised skills by providing vocational training in the paint application trade. We have expanded our horizons in this segment to also include carpentry, plumbing and masonry training for the further benefit of our local communities. Fixed academies are located in Tier 1 and major metropolitan cities, while mobile academies are deployed in Tier 2 cities, allowing us to expand our reach to participants across the country. In addition to the physical and the digital training, we have also curated a specified set of training courses which can be accessed by the users at any point through our website. Each and every course has been developed with the intent of developing the skills of our painters, contractors and other workers. We have a wide range of courses ranging from textures, waterproofing, wood finishes and financial management to name a few

Impact in FY 2022-23

We performed an impact assessment study# of the work undertaken by colour academies which indicated that our Colour Academy had a significant positive impact on the beneficiaries. The survey indicated that we were able to have a broad-based impact including intrapersonal, interpersonal, professional, and economic impact.