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We are pioneers of world class technologies and products that are truly eco-friendly and recognised on a global scale. Product stewardship has always been the priority of our company while ensuring customer satisfaction and delight. We have a team of over 200 scientists, who focus on creating products that meet the global standards and are a mark of innovation.

Assessment of product sustainability is an integral part of our design and development methodology as we believe it is our core responsibility to safeguard the interest of all our stakeholders. We focus on developing premium quality products with high performance efficiency - products that are safe, durable and with minimal health and environmental impacts.

In 2010-11, we created “GREEN ASSURE” - a stringent internal green standard with an eco-label for our leading products. We have aligned “Green Assure” with GS-11 standard of Green Seal USA, consistent with ISO 14024. We believe that this is one of the most stringent and globally recognised standards for green products among all other prevalent eco-labels for the paint and coatings industry. Green Assure not only limits VOCs and heavy metals but also restricts the presence of all other hazardous materials such as carcinogenic, mutagenic, reprotoxic (CMR) substances, hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) and alkyl phenol ethoxylates (APEOs).

The stamp of "GREEN ASSURE" is our promise to customers that the product is truly eco-friendly

We critically review and monitor a selected range of products from raw material selection and procurement to manufacturing till application, by using tools such as life cycle analysis (LCA) and carbon footprint index. The results of these reviews are used to develop initiatives to be adopted at design and manufacturing stages for improving product performance .

Product VOC# emission

*Baseline year of VOC calculation is 2011-12.
#Definition of VOC is as per GS-11 standard of Green Seal USA. The calculation is based on theoretical concepts.

Royale Aspira

We launched a water-based high end premium interior product “Royale Aspira” in 2013, which is the only product approved by US Green Seal body in paint category in India for being compliant to GS-11 standard in all aspects.

FICCI Sustainability Award - 2015 for Best Green Product
FICCI Sustainability Award - 2015 for Best Green Product
FICCI Sustainability Award - 2015 for Best Green Product
Royale ATMOS

Research has shown that indoor air can be five times more polluted than outdoor air. With very limited solutions available to address this issue, we decided to develop a product that could help reduce the intensity of indoor air pollution. “Royale Atmos” is our evolutionary new product which comes with the promise of improving the indoor air quality inside consumer homes for a better living. The sole aim of the paint is to transform the living spaces with its finish and quality while improving indoor air quality.

Absorbs formaldehyde and various other household mal-odours
Emits a pleasant fragrance
Comes with an easy stain removal coating
Genie Polish

The conventional spirit or alcohol soluble shellac-based polish used for wood finishing, poses several health and safety risks from fires to respiratory diseases for the producers and end users. Further, as more number of coats are required to achieve acceptable level of gloss and finish, the labour productivity decreases and the exposure increases. Genie polish is the outcome of our consistent endeavour to provide environment friendly and economically viable products that also promise superior labour productivity. Genie polish was launched in the Kolkata and Bihar region and has received a positive response from over 1000 applicators. The uniqueness of our innovation has helped us to file two patents.

Constitutes up to 84% renewable raw materials
No exposure related risk and consequent respiratory disease threat
Reliable pricing, superior productivity, faster turn-around time


Customer Effort Score (CES) helps us to highlight actionable pain points. To calculate this score, we ask our customers to rate us on a scale of 1 (low effort) to 5 (high effort) on the question:
"How much effort did you personally have to take to get your complaint solved?"

Customer Effort Score

We choose to work in a sensitive and responsible manner to create a partnership with our customers for enhancing and enriching the interiors and exteriors of their dream houses. With the aim of making customer satisfaction a priority across all functions and levels, we have established a function called Customer Centricity. This function has two major objectives – fostering a cultural transformation which will ensure that customer needs are placed at the center of every decision and addressing all retail complaints in a fair and transparent manner. Our customer policy is ingrained in our interactions with our customers.

Our Customer Policy 

Customer feedback 

Customer feedback and complaints give us an opportunity to continuously better our products and services. It is vital for us to ensure resolution of all complaints in a timely and transparent manner, while capturing the complaints as comprehensively as possible. We have organised ourselves for creating immediate solutions as well as building capacity in the long term. We now have a three level structure to address customer complaints and feedback:

The annual "Net Promoter Score" survey helps us to interpret shifts in customer preferences.
This is one of the key parameters used to define strategy for product innovation, marketing communication and retail experience design.

Net Promoter Score
  • Complaint Action Team (CAT) This team comprises Group Brand Manager / Brand Manager, Sr Manager / Manager Quality and Technology Sr Manager / Manager. The role of this team is to scan the complaint information in CRM and initiate actions for problem identification, finding root causes and implementing solutions to prevent recurrence.

  • Customer Response Team (CRT) This team comprises GM Marketing, VP Supply Chain, VP Technology and GM Customer Centricity. The role of this team is to facilitate all areas from problem identification to solution implementation and work in seamless boundaries. MD & CEO reviews the progress on complaint areas with CRT.

  • Customer Capability Development Team (CCDT) This team comprises MD & CEO, President – Sales, Marketing & Technology , President - HR, Supply Chain & Chemicals. This team is responsible for reviewing effectiveness of CRT, identifying specific capability building areas/ long term areas, constituting teams for actioning and monitoring overall effectiveness.

Learning from customers 

Customer satisfaction alone tends to be more of a short term benefit. We are aiming at Customer Loyalty which determines our true success.

It is our constant endeavour to create healthier living spaces by producing customised products and solutions. This is made possible by listening carefully to our customers and incorporating their feedback at the product designing stage. Our product design process revolves around five key elements. Our vision of being a trusted and caring brand in the field of complete Decor was a genesis of these elements. Being trusted means responsible product development which is reflected in elements environment and safety and non-toxicity. The other three elements of indoor air quality, hygiene and comfort emphasise our vision of being caring. We started with low odour products and now even have odour absorbing products in our product mix. We continue to evolve and develop products like sound dampening coating, anti-microbial coating and coating to control temperature and humidity.

Key elements Our approach
Comfort Sound dampening coating
Hygiene Anti-microbial coating
Indoor air quality Odour absorbing coating
Heat reflective coating
Heat insulating coating
Temperature and humidity controlling coating
Non-toxic Elimination of heavy metals, CMRs
Reduction in APEOs, VOCs, Cellosolve
Introduction of entry point checks to avoid entry of new HHRMs
Environment and Safety Flame retardant coating
Elimination of Respirable Crystalline Silica
Reduction of Volatile Organic Compounds
Use of renewable raw materials and energy saving processes
Voice of Customer

It is important for employees to closely connect with the customer experience and their feedback. This plays an important role in providing unmatched service to the customers and generate path-breaking ideas for creating new products. To address this, our customer centricity team launched the Voice of Customer (VOC) portal. Through this initiative, we categorise call types on numerous parameters and assess them to make process and service improvements. The portal has registered tremendous response since its inception.

Enhancing the Asian Paints experience 

Our long term vision is to be a complete decor solution provider so that we can fulfil our customer’s end-to-end requirements when it comes to creating their dream homes

We continue to engage with our customers through a host of forums and address their needs through tailored outreach. By ensuring direct access of decor solutions and end-to-end assistance to the customers, we transformed the paint buying process in to an interactive experience. We have also ventured into the Home Improvement business by acquiring companies in the organised modern kitchen (Sleek Group) and bath fittings space (Ess Ess Bathroom Products Pvt. Ltd.).

Following are some of our key and unique product / service offerrings:

Colour Ideas Store

Colour Ideas stores are redesigned traditional paint shops for a better customer experience. At these stores, colour consultants add a level of expertise and partnership in providing free colour consultancy services to walk-in customers. The customers can traverse from Inspiration (colours and themes) to purchase (paints, coatings and special effects) that reflect specic preferences. We now have around 300 Colour Ideas stores.

Green assurance certification Odourless painting Quick turnaround Eco-safe and non-toxic

Eco Express Painting
Express Painting / Eco Express Painting

We launched a service called “Express Painting” under Ezycolour Home Solutions service for completing painting in 3 OR 7 days.

We have launched a green painting service that uses only water based low odour products for all surfaces inside a home, including wood and metal. We use certified green products with quick application and lower drying time.

The ezycolour service offering was expanded with launch of Colour Shastra (Vaastu based consultancy), Decor For You and Product Consultancy variants during the year

Ezycolour Variants

The ezycolour network with more than 2,000 stores across the country helps consumers get solutions for their needs through self-help colour consultation kiosk, finishes demonstration and inspiration kits, trained shop assistant and contractors. Asian Paints ezycolour Home Solutions service has a presence in 13 cities.

AP Homes

AP Homes is our new innovative retail format multi-category décor store. The first store under this format was launched in March 2016 in Coimbatore, where consumers can avail ‘apply & supply’ integrated décor consultation across categories of paints, wall papers, bath fittings, sanitary ware, kitchen, furniture, furnishing, tiles, light fittings and décor accessories along with digital visualisation.

High tech products / solutions for different spaces
Accurate information dissemination to ensure consumers are made aware of the right product for right problem
Diagnostic tools and guides for the applicator and consumer

Features of SmartCare
Waterproofing Solutions

Customers need long term assurance and correct guidance on waterproofing rather than currently available quick fixes. Our SmartCare range has warranty based specialised preventive and curative products for different spaces like terraces, ceilings, interior walls & bathrooms that provide waterproofing solutions to problems of algal growth, dampness, seepage and leakages to ensure dry and damp-free surfaces.


We closely work with Architects and Interior Designers under our program called ‘Colourpro’ to offer a set of décor solutions and execution services to Architect and Interior Designer firms. Our ColourNext is the only India specific colour trend forecasting exercise for more than a decade, a product of extensive research with a large number of designers and consumers across the country and having a good reputation amongst Architects and Designers.