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Message from our CEO  

"Our constant endeavour is to manage and reduce our environmental and social footprint, even as we expand our operations"

Dear Stakeholders,

We are committed to sustainable development and inclusive growth. This was the second year of our sustainability roadmap on natural resource conservation, energy and emissions reduction and waste reduction. Our dedicated efforts across these years led to a considerable progress in most of the roadmap areas. This motivated us to revisit and adopt more ambitious goals. Despite this significant progress, we believe that sustainability as a concept is still evolving at Asian Paints. Accordingly, our focus presently is on taking stock of where we are, to evolve where we want to be in the long term.

Environment, health and safety (EHS) continue to be among our primary focus areas. Compliance to statutory requirements is our minimum performance standard and we are committed to go beyond, wherever appropriate. RE36 is the flagship initiative that demonstrates our commitment to sourcing clean energy. During the year, we made substantial investments on sourcing and installation of renewable energy and plan to achieve the target of RE36 by 2020. We recognise the importance of water as a precious natural resource and are adopting conservation measures within our plants and also in the society. Through various initiatives like rain water harvesting, de-silting of water bodies and integrated watershed development projects in local villages around our manufacturing plants, we are aiming to secure water availability for ourselves and the society alike. Our focus has always been to reduce waste to conserve natural resources and minimise our environmental burden. Our waste management initiatives cover widespread activities such as reducing leakages and utilising waste back in to the process to innovative measures such as non-sticky coating for process equipment and formula optimisation.

We recognise that ensuring the safety and good health of our workforce, assets and communities are our primary responsibilities. We had one fatality during the year and have adopted strict and rigorous measures to eliminate such occurrences. As a learning, we have initiated targeted programmes on workplace health and safety such as reducing man-machine interface and further strengthening our monitoring and review procedures.

Product stewardship has always been one of the research and innovation pillars at Asian Paints. We endeavour to learn from customer experiences while designing new products / services and improvising the existing ones. We have launched several eco-friendly products and services with a focus to create a better living environment for everyone.

We continue to invest in social impact interventions and are exploring new ways of engaging with communities. A focused corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy has helped us to make a difference to the lives of people across 100 villages in the Indian states of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Gujarat, Telangana, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. Asian Paints Colour Academy spearheads our initiatives on imparting vocational training to men and women alike.

We believe that transparent disclosure of our sustainability performance helps us to learn and build on our existing systems and processes. I am confident that the outcome of our internal assessment will help us to further accelerate and deepen our sustainability efforts.

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K.B.S Anand
Managing Director & CEO
Asian Paints Limited