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International Business Units  

1,61,714 kl of municipal water withdrawn

Water consumption

Report Boundary: Data presented in this section covers our manufacturing plants in Bahrain, Bangladesh, Barbados, Dubai, Egypt, Fiji, Jamaica, Nepal, Oman, Singapore, Srilanka and Trinidad.

Progress on commitments

Co-processing of hazardous waste

Our International Business Unit team in Dubai recognised the opportunity for co-processing of hazardous waste which is generated in the plant thereby reducing the amount of hazardous waste disposed. The team established the process by taking following steps:

  • Analysing various characteristics of hazardous waste like calorific value, toxicity, etc.
  • Understanding the requirements of cement kiln
  • Getting statutory clearances
  • Establishing packaging and logistics protocol

The key benefits envisaged from this initiative are: 75% reduction in solid waste disposal to the landfills and savings in disposal cost of around 33,000 AED per year.


Our International Business Units (IBUs) undertook an energy conservation initiative “E-Save” with the aim of reducing their electricity consumption by 15% in over 5 years (base year – 2012). The project covered all the IBU plants located at Fiji, Singapore, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Oman, Dubai, Bahrain, Egypt, Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad. The major source of energy for all the IBUs is electricity which necessitated this initiative. The “E-Save” project encouraged energy efficiency, use of clean energy sources and awareness programs on energy conservation. Around 1.1 million electricity units were saved including a saving of 0.36 million units through LED installation. About 0.20 million electricity units were also generated using clean energy sources.